What was your motivation to develop KOA KOA PRETOX?

Dr. Alexander Teslenko:

I have spent half of my lifetime developing biological ingredients. Our motivation was always to make innovations that serve the human metabolism in a holistic manner. KOA KOA PRETOX is targeting key functionalities of our cellular infrastructure that undergo specific stress levels in the modern lifestyle habitat. We had identified a clear need for improvement, we have the skills to act, so we decided to make KOA KOA PRETOX happen. 


What makes KOA KOA PRETOX so unique?

Dr. Alexander Teslenko:

The specific KOA KOA PRETOX formulation is compatible with multiple lifestyle-based deficiencies that slow down our societies. KOA KOA PRETOX was developed to change our well-being from the inside, giving us back some of the energy losses that we experience in a tough working environment in modern cities. KOA KOA PRETOX is not just another food supplement - it is an all-natural lifestyle enhancer that serves our well-being.


How does KOA KOA work exactly?

Dr. Alexander Teslenko:

KOA KOA PRETOX targets the cleansing organs of our body, especially the liver. Our liver is a crucial organ for our metabolic system. It supplies us with endogenous and exogenous substances and provides a constant and vital detoxification. The liver‘s filter function is of vital importance for the entire organism. Its abilities are continually affected by free radicals (reactive oxygen species play an important role in a variety of biological processes and can cause cell damage), environmental toxins, obesity, stress, poor diet and insufficient exercise. All of these influences affect your liver and thereby weaken your overall health. KOA KOA PRETOX supports our liver’s functioning and regeneration in a purely

natural way and unlike any other product of its class. The basic idea of KOA KOA Detox is to support our health and well-being over a long period of time without any strain to the system.


Who should take KOA KOA PRETOX?

Dr. Alexander Teslenko:

KOA KOA PRETOX was developed for all people, but especially for anyone suffering from stress and the burdens of our modern world. KOA KOA PRETOX is for people whose metabolism is under constant pressure in an accelerated habitat and unhealthy environment. Those of us who suffer from severe medical conditions should consult a doctor and undergo medical treatment. But those of us who want to avoid such conditions should make healthier lifestyle choices and opt for KOA KOA PRETOX.


What to expect from KOA KOA PRETOX in the future? 

Dr. Alexander Teslenko:

Our research is active and will not stop. My KOA KOA PRETOX team is working on more products, biological products, for lifestyle-based problems that we have identified. We will keep you informed of our projects, but will not yet lift the curtain.